DN2M » Addiction


Since February 2011, research on addictive behavior is grouped in the Interdisciplinary Research Group on Addictive Behaviors (GIRCAd). This group includes human and material resources with the aim to study vulnerability factors to addictive behavior around two axes: Substance Abuse Disorders and Eating Disorders.

These teams belong to different universities and domains (experimental, fundamental, clinical, juridical, sociological …) and have support networks based on clinical, experimental and imaging resources for projects research.

GIRCAd’s objectives are to develop and structure research groups in a competitive and attractive center for research on addictive behavior (with or without substance) in a comprehensive biological psychological and social model. Our group wants to develop interdisciplinary (respecting each team’s specificities); stimulate the production and diffusion of new knowledge to the scientific community; improve diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities, provide bases for reflection to health’s actors (social, educational, judicial, educational, ethical, sociological, legal, epidemiological domains); develop synergies between research teams and industry; promote prevention and education (information and training); help public policy through its expertise and open to the public debate.


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