DN2M Home

DN2M is a scientific-based network that sets the scene for a structured cluster of many high ranked research teams located within Lille-North of France. Its members are all dedicated to a better understanding of the neurosciences, using trans disciplinary approaches: epidemiology, genetics, biology, clinical research, neuropsychology, neurophysiology, imaging, and pharmacology.

DN2M brings together fundamental and clinical research teams, around a common theme that focuses on Cognitive and Behavior Disorders in Neurological and Mental Diseases. The scientific goal of our network is to gain a better understanding of human pathologies and to:

  • identify vulnerability factors,
  • determine patho physiological mechanisms,
  • improve diagnosis and,
  • specify therapeutic targets.

DN2M emphasizes the common and the divergent points that exist between neurological and psychiatric disorders both in terms of cognition and of behavior. The first "DN2M Newsletter" will be dedicated to Alzheimer's disease because many teams of the network are involved in this field of research, with the creation of an industry/academic consortium that aims to help quickly progress in the determination of new biomarkers and optimized drugs.