LiCEND : Label of Excellence for the Research in Neurosciences in Lille


LICEND "Lille Centre of Excellence for Neurodegenerative Disorders" brings together clinicians and researchers with extensive clinical and research experience in neurodegenerative diseases (NDDs) including ADADs, PD, and MS in the Lille area.



The LICEND members are organised around networked expert clinical and basic research units that are nationally and internationally acknowledged as centres of excellence.

These entities work closely together via federative structures such as DISTAlz (the only “laboratory of excellence” dedicated to AD in France), the DN2M network, etc, two “equipment platforms of excellence” (ImagInEx BioMed networks for bio-imaging and IrDIVE for digital and interactive visual environments) and several other functional networks working together within an exemplary partnership between all the support institutions.

This constitutes a highly qualified research consortium from the bench to the bedside, and beyond, to social sciences, ethics, and society. The close interaction and the variety of skills boots the development of concrete multidisciplinary, cross-sector, and translational approaches with a constant concern for industrial transfer and development, dissemination to students and professionals (via a comprehensive academic and continuous education and training network), and the public. The efficient governance of LICEND enables rapid decision-makings and intense scientific dialog. The LICEND members’ long-standing experience of in the coordination of epidemiological, clinical and translational programs has made them key members of several European and global networks (such as GENFI-2, DIAN-TU, and the IMI Pharmacog and Aetionomy), and coordinators of various international programs (such as H2020 FAIR-PARK-II, IGAP, EADI, JPND). During the last 10 years (2004-2015), the Lille area researchers produced 4% of French scientific publications in the biomedicine and health sciences, and 6% of those in the field of neurology/neurosciences (source: Thomson Reuters). During this period, LICEND researchers produced 184 publications related to NDDs (including 32 as co- investigators) in the Top10% of citations (listed here): 9% IF>30; 8% IF [20-30[; 4% IF [15-20[; and 21% IF>15. Of these 151 are in the Top5% including 50 in the Top1%.