DN2M » To find new diagnosis and therapeutic targets

To find new diagnosis and therapeutic targets

The ultimate goal of research on cognitive disorders and dementia in neurological and mental diseases is to find new therapeutic approaches including drugs, brain stimulation, lifestyle changes… In the domain of pharmacological target, the teams involved in DN2M project conduct research on both symptomatic and disease-modifiers drugs, in link with team of therapeutic chemistry or SME. Some original targets and compounds are studied in preclinical model for symptomatic approach (sigma-1 agonist, omega3, modulators of endocannabinoid pathway…) or disease-modifying strategy (amyloid cascade-related secretases, nuclear receptor, anti-oxidant, metal chelators…).

New targets are pointed by ‘omic’ studies, leading to design of original molecules (Medialz project). The treatment with brain stimulation is developed by several teams with an emphasis on psychosis-induced hallucinations. In term of lifestyle changes, several studies have been conducted on the beneficial effect of physical activity in stroke and neurodegenerative diseases.

Beyond the study of new targets, the teams of DN2M are involved in the development of biomarkers for drug assessment in particular in Alzheimer’s disease as highlightes the involvement in Pharmacog european consortium.